ISSN 2321-5485 (Online) ISSN 2321-5784 (Print)


1. A Survey on Trustworthiness and Information Deduplication in Cloud IJRECS/V-6/I-1/01
Venkatesh Mittapally, M. Sreenivas
2. A New Approach of Sparse Clustering for Low Power Content Addressable Memory IJRECS/V-6/I-1/02
Cheruku Sumarani, D. Hathiram, N. Chandra Shekhar
3. Time Confined Image Sharing using A3P Approach on Social Sites IJRECS/V-6/I-1/03
Vallabhaneni Mounika, M. Vinaya, P. Ashok Kumar
4. Piezo Electric Energy Harvesting Systems for Self Power High Efficiency and Low Power Resetting IJRECS/V-6/I-1/04
Vadlamudi Sagara Pooja, N. Srinivas, N. Chandra Shekar
5. Continuous Summarization and Timeline Generation for Topic Evolutionary Tweet Streams IJRECS/V-6/I-1/05
Y. Swathi, G. Sandhya Rani, P. Ashok Kumar
6. Cipher Text Policy Using Delegation in Cloud Computing Using Multi Linear Decision IJRECS/V-6/I-1/06
V. Srilaxmi, A. Praveen Kumar, P. Ashok Kumar
7. Multivariate Time Series in Mobile Apps for Discovering Ranking Fraud IJRECS/V-6/I-1/07
Kanagala Sathish, R. Pradhyusha Manogna, P. Ashok Kumar
8. Outsourcing of Multi Copies of Replicated Data in Cloud using Efficient Integrity Verification IJRECS/V-6/I-1/08
Amaraneni Swathi, P. Ashok Kumar
9. An Implementation of Secure Authorized Elimination of Duplicate Copies of Files Using Security Enabled Approach IJRECS/V-6/I-1/09
Vasa Lakshmikala, D. Prabhu
10. A Survey on Privacy Policy Interface for Social Images IJRECS/V-6/I-1/10
V. Rama, R. Suresh, I. Narasimha Rao
11. A Review on Aggregate Key Sharing Between Different Groups in Cloud for Efficient Data Sharing IJRECS/V-6/I-1/11
Jangala Swetha, P. Ashok Kumar
12. Attribute based Encryption Using Secure Cloud Storage System IJRECS/V-6/I-1/12
Chandragiri Savya, P. Ashok Kumar
13. Analysis of Keyword Search Queries Based on Different Contexts in the XML Data IJRECS/V-6/I-1/13
Deepika Madhala, G. Sandhya Rani, P. Ashok Kumar
14. Secured Authorized Redundancy Using Efficient Cloud Storage IJRECS/V-6/I-1/14
Gantla Rahul, P. Ashok Kumar
15. A Profit Maximization Scheme for Cloud Service Providers using Dynamic Virtual Renting Approach IJRECS/V-6/I-1/15
U. Nirmala, K. Sreenath
16. A Distributed Approach for Reducing Bug Triage Using Dimensional Reduction Technique IJRECS/V-6/I-1/16
Bondili Mounika, Yannam Apparao
17. A Novel Approach in Wireless Multi hop Networks of Distortion Resistant Routing Framework IJRECS/V-6/I-1/17
Tammineni Vijay, A. Praveen Kumar, P. Ashok Kumar
18. Reducing the Power and Area Optimization of Pulse Using Shift Register IJRECS/V-6/I-1/18
D. Alekhya, D. Hathiram, N. Chandra Shekhar
19. Preventing SQL Injection Attacks by SQL Query Recommendation for Databases IJRECS/V-6/I-1/19
R.Sindhu, G. Sandhya Rani, P. Ashok Kumar
20. A Multi-cycle Stress Tests for Full Scan Circuits with Constant Input Vectors IJRECS/V-6/I-1/20
Mokka Mounika, N. Srinivas, N. Chandra Shekhar
21. An Integrated Power Control Strategy Using Virtual Inductance Loop by Autonomous Microgrids IJRECS/V-6/I-1/21
Bhukya Ravi, J. Srinivas Rao
22. Efficient Approach of Non-Binary Low Density Parity Check with Trellis Decoder IJRECS/V-6/I-1/22
Merigala Manikanta, K. Rajesh, N. Chandra Shekhar
23. Power Supply Noise Reduction Using Post Optimization and Mixing Drivers IJRECS/V-6/I-1/23
Reddimalla Kotaiah, K. Rajesh, N. Chandra Shekhar
24. A Reconfigurable Architecture of Generalized Algorithm for High Efficient Orthogonal Approximation IJRECS/V-6/I-1/24
Nandru Viswateja, A. M. V. N. Maruti, N. Chandra Shekhar
25. A Distributed Approach in Cloud Computing for Stealthy Denial of Service Strategy IJRECS/V-6/I-1/25
Nethagani Vennela, Arundhathi, I. Nageshwar Rao
26. Test Compression Capabilities of Low Programmable PRPG Using Verilog HDL IJRECS/V-6/I-1/26
Jillapalli Satheesh, G. Bhaskar, N. Chandra Shekhar
27. Low Power Application with Energy Harvesting Applications of a Closed-Loop Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter IJRECS/V-6/I-1/27
Thaduri Sravan Kumar, Y. Ravinder, N. Chandra Shekhar
28. Iterative Filtering Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks of Secure Data Aggregation IJRECS/V-6/I-1/28
V. Sravya, M. Saradha, I. Narasimha Rao
29. Guaranteed Quality of Service in Cloud Computing using Dynamic Virtual Cloud Service Providers IJRECS/V-6/I-1/29
Machrla Naveen, G. L. Chandrasekhara Rao