ISSN 2321-5485 (Online) ISSN 2321-5784 (Print)


1. Private User Query Profile Development for Personalized Web Search IJRECS/V-5/I-3/1
Anudeep Kurella, Nareshbabu. K
2. Survey of Improving the Big Data Projects using Tools and Methodologies IJRECS/V-5/I-3/2
Akkabattula Kiranmayi, Nareshbabu. K
3. Effectively Level Appropriated Databases Secure Mining Affiliation Rules IJRECS/V-5/I-3/3
Ayinampudi Anusha, N. M. V. Nirmala, P. Firoze
4. A Study of Incremental Service Integrity Attestation for Versatile Service Clouds IJRECS/V-5/I-3/04
Nosinollu Koteswara Rao, Pradeep Venuthuru
5. Supporting Security Assurance in Customized Web Hunt to Minimizing Undesirable Impacts of PWS IJRECS/V-5/I-3/05
M. Phanita, I. Phani Kumar, N. M. V. Nirmala
6. Dissecting of a Proficient and Secured Multi-Catchphrase Positioned Look over Encoded Cloud Information IJRECS/V-5/I-3/06
Nallapati Venkata Raghunath, A. SurendraBabu, N. M. V. Nirmala
7. Speedy Retrieval of Nearest Neighbor by Utilizing Keywords IJRECS/V-5/I-3/07
Bandlamudi Lilly, Nareshbabu. K
8. An Overview of Implementation Client Secrecy and Confirmation Plan for Decentralized Access Control in Distributed Storage IJRECS/V-5/I-3/08
Vudatha Lakshmi Manikanta, V. Pradeep
9. Supporting Multikeyword Equivalent Word Based Inquiries Enhancing the Free Access to Scrambled Cloud Databases IJRECS/V-5/I-3/09
Vamsi Priyanka Gandepalli, Pradeep Venuthuru
10. An Execution Collaborative Mechanism for Dissecting Crowd Sourcing Forecast Problems IJRECS/V-5/I-3/10
Annavarapu Venkatesh, P. Firoze, I. Phani Kumar
11. Proficient and Secure Attribute Revocation of Data in Multi-Authority Cloud Storage IJRECS/V-5/I-3/11
Vandavasi Ratna Rakesh, Pradeep Venuthuru
12. An Overview of Appropriated Mining of Affiliation Tenets on Evenly Divided Information IJRECS/V-5/I-3/12
Ghantasala Venu Gopal, Nareshbabu. K
13. Investigating Query Development for an Effective Keyword Question Steering Framework IJRECS/V-5/I-3/13
Gollaprolu Sowjanya, P. Firoze, N. M. V. Nirmala
14. Open Evaluating for Secured and Protecting Imparted Information to Client Renouncement Productively IJRECS/V-5/I-3/14
Jidugu Pavan Kumar, P. Karthik, N. M. V. Nirmala
15. Investigation of Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in Cloud with Multi Owner IJRECS/V-5/I-3/15
K. Deepika, N. Srinivas
16. An Overview of Online Payment System Using Steganography and Visual Cryptography IJRECS/V-5/I-3/16
Y. Anil, Dr. D.Baswaraj
17. Probabilistic Splitting Table Helps in Back Weight Based Bundle by Parcel Supportive Steering In Correspondence System IJRECS/V-5/I-3/17
Y. Pruthvi Raj, M. Thukaram Reddy
18. An Effective Component of Open Inspecting on Shared Cloud Information Utilizing Oruta IJRECS/V-5/I-3/18
Maddu Vinay Kumar, V. Pradeep
19. Design and Development a Web Server for Monitoring and Controlling an Embedded Device IJRECS/V-5/I-3/19
Dharmaji. M, Malothu Ravi Kumar
20. Outline of Clustering High Dimensional Information Account Based on Fast Cluster Future Selection IJRECS/V-5/I-3/20
K. Avinash Reddy, D. Kishore Babu
21. Improving of Optimal Cloud Assets of IPTV Services Conveyance Through Virtualization IJRECS/V-5/I-3/21
V. Prashanth, S. Ajay Kumar
22. Investigating of Social Server Scalability Organizing in Mobile Presence Service Applications IJRECS/V-5/I-3/22
A. Karthik, Vijay Krupa Vatsal
23. Researching Suspicious Nodes Using IntTest for Circulated Software-As-A Service Cloud IJRECS/V-5/I-3/23
Santosh Kumar Kar, CH. Srinivasulu
24. Analysis of Enhanced Qos-Oriented Distributed Protocol with Qualified Neighbor Node Selection for Hybrid Wireless Networks IJRECS/V-5/I-3/24
S. Ravi Teja, Uma Maheswari
25. Process of Discriminations Prevention in Data Mining IJRECS/V-5/I-3/25
B. Naresh Rao, P. A. Hima Kiran
26. A Public Assessment Mechanism for the Reliability of Shared Data with Proficient User Revocation IJRECS/V-5/I-3/26
V. Rekha Raga Mounika, Uma Maheswari
27. Security Based Information Sharing between Peers through Data Sharing in Clouds IJRECS/V-5/I-3/27
Amarjit Kumar, Vimal Shukla
28. Security and Social in Preventing Private Information Inference Attacks on Social Networks IJRECS/V-5/I-3/28
G. Venkata Krishna, R. S. Murali Nath
29. A Survey of Implicit Relationship Recognition through Cut Detection on Wikipedia IJRECS/V-5/I-3/29
Kushagra Vashishtha, V. Satish Kumar