ISSN 2321-5485 (Online) ISSN 2321-5784 (Print)


1. Verifiable Fine-Grained Top-K Query in Two-Tier Wireless Sensor Network IJRECS/V-3/I-2/01
Buddannagari Latha, S. Arvind
2. An Experimental Study on Video Streaming over Hybrid Cellular and Ad Hoc Networks IJRECS/V-3/I-2/02
N. Padmavathi, E. Krishnaveni Reddy
3. Efficient Scalable Shared Data in Cloud Computing with Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem IJRECS/V-3/I-2/03
C. Swapna, J. Sudhakar, D. Jamuna, Dr. S. Arvind
4. Survey of object Recognition to Hierarchical Image Segmentation Model IJRECS/V-3/I-2/04
M. Suma, K. Rajasekhar Rao
5. Improving the Privacy using Continuous Location Based Services Using Statistical Brokering System IJRECS/V-3/I-2/05
K. Anusha Reddy, P. Rupa, D. Jamuna, Dr. S. Arvind
6. A Strategy of Privacy Preserving and Ensuring Shared Data on Cloud IJRECS/V-3/I-2/06
Azari Srikanth, M. S. R. Lakshmireddy
7. A Secure Access Cipher Policy in Cloud Data Using Attribute Based Encryption IJRECS/V-3/I-2/07
Mandhumulla Kranthi, G. Krishna Lava Kumar, D. Jamuna, Dr. S. Arvind
8. A Distributed Firewall Optimization Privacy Preserving Techniques in Cross Domains IJRECS/V-3/I-2/08
P. Vikram Reddy, K. Pushpa Rani
9. Using Attribute Based Encryption and Decryption with Recoverability in Cloud IJRECS/V-3/I-2/09
Kommineni Vamshi, P. Samatha, D. Jamuna, Dr. S. Arvind
10. Dynamically Scheduling Strategies for Workflows on Clouds IJRECS/V-3/I-2/10
Ch. Venu Gopal Reddy, P. Dayakar
11. A Novel Control Strategy of Coordinated Ultracapacitor Energy Sources Fed Bidirectional Converter for Induction Motor Applications IJRECS/V-3/I-2/11
Vadikari Krishna Bhavani, T. Kumar Xavier Kranthi
12. Secure Authorized Deduplication Checker in Hybrid Cloud using Data Compression IJRECS/V-3/I-2/12
P. Tejaswee, P. Pavan Kumar
13. A Novel Carrier-Based Strategy to Maximize the Voltage Modulation Index under Unbalanced Dc Sources IJRECS/V-3/I-2/13
Yerra Shiva Krishna, G. Mohan
14. Distributed Control Law for Load Balancing Performance in Content Delivery Networks IJRECS/V-3/I-2/14
S. Dattatreya, P. Amarendra Reddy
15. Design and Analysis of a Hexagonal Connected Dominating Set in Clustered Mobile Adhoc Networks IJRECS/V-3/I-2/15
Mallaiah Vanguri, Uma Shankar Rao. E, Md. Shabbeer
16. Grid Current Compensator for Grid connected Distributed Generation Applications under Nonlinear Loads by Using Closed-Loop Power Control IJRECS/V-3/I-2/16
Anumula Shalini, K. Kumara Swamy
17. Survey of Detecting Unexplained Sequences using Top-K Algorithm in Time-Stamped Observation Data IJRECS/V-3/I-2/17
Y. Uma Maheshwari, P. Dayakar
18. A Method for Exploiting in Wireless Sensor Networks for Generalized Packet Arrival IJRECS/V-3/I-2/18
Harith Reddy Dakannagari, Uma Shankar Rao. E
19. Reduction of a Carrier Based DC-link Capacitor in Case of Cascade Multilevel Converters Connected to Weak AC Systems IJRECS/V-3/I-2/19
Ega Tejasvi, K. Kumara Swamy
20. A Novel Encryption Based Framework for Effective Multi User Distribution Key Management IJRECS/V-3/I-2/20
G. Saritha, K. G. N. Kumar, D. Jamuna, Dr. S. Arvind
21. A New Cascaded 2-Level Inverter based STATCOM for High Power Applications under Different Loads IJRECS/V-3/I-2/21
Daram Swathi, G. Mohan
22. Communication between High Performance Buses and Low Power Bridge Based on AMBA 4.0 IJRECS/V-3/I-2/22
Sunitha Dharavath, Y. Chalapathi Rao, M. Basha
23. Privacy Preserving and Efficient Protocol for Transmission on Vehicles Ad Hoc Network IJRECS/V-3/I-2/23
Bommakantiwar Harika, N. Sujata Gupta
24. Attribute Based Secure Data Access Scheme for Decentralized Disruption Tolerant Military Networks IJRECS/V-3/I-2/24
R. Bhargavi, D. Rajyalakshmi
25. Predictive Metrics for Personalized Web Search IJRECS/V-3/I-2/25
M. Swathi, D. Thirupathi
26. Infusing Cultural Diversity Concepts in Social Networks IJRECS/V-3/I-2/26
T. Niroop, G. Kiran Kumar
27. Protecting Privacy of Location Using Locx Technique in Geo-Social Applications IJRECS/V-3/I-2/27
Shyma Khanam, M. Sreelatha
28. Privacy Preserving Scheme over Server Content Protection in Location Based Services IJRECS/V-3/I-2/28
Santhi Sampath Kumar, G. Krishna Lava Kumar, Dr. S. Arvind
29. Advanced Prediction System on Traffic Redundancy for Reducing Cloud Bandwidth IJRECS/V-3/I-2/29
Y. Madan Reddy, Veeravalli Pavan Kumar
30. Location-Based Services: Privacy in Mobile Ciphering For Location-Sharing-Based Avails IJRECS/V-3/I-2/30
T. Sahithi, D. Thirupathi
31. Secure Cloud Storage Using Decentralized Access Control with Attribute Based Encryption IJRECS/V-3/I-2/31
M. Pranitha, G. Prasad
32. Identity Based Encryption for Securing Brokerless Publish/Subscribe Systems IJRECS/V-3/I-2/32
B. Chandra Kanth, A. Balaram, Dr. S. Arvind
33. A Novel Approach for Detection of Clone Attacks using Distributed Systems IJRECS/V-3/I-2/33
K. Praveen Kumar, D. Naveen Kumar
34. Attribute Based Revocable Data Access Control for Effective Cloud Storage IJRECS/V-3/I-2/34
Akula Vani Viswanath, Narra Sukhender Reddy
35. Enhancing Key Management for Intrusion Detection Using Improved EAACK in MANETS IJRECS/V-3/I-2/35
K. Praveen Kumar, Bodla Radha
36. Security Authentication for Short Encrypted Messages in Pervasive and Mobile Computing IJRECS/V-3/I-2/36
Y. Durga Tejaswi, D. Thirupathi
37. Energy-Efficiency Oriented Traffic Offloading in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks via Auctions IJRECS/V-3/I-2/37
G. Bharath, K. Sadanandam
38. Time Dependent Fastest Path Computation IJRECS/V-3/I-2/38
Guthi Sruthi, Ch. Srinivas
39. A Novel Hybrid Model for Detecting Malware in Delay-Tolerant Networks IJRECS/V-3/I-2/39
G. Madhukar, S. Naveen Kumar
40. Attribute Predicted Access to Scalable Media in Cloud Availed Content Sharing Networks IJRECS/V-3/I-2/40
H. Sindhura, M. Eranna
41. Annotating Keyword Search for High Dimensional Data IJRECS/V-3/I-2/41
B. Raghavalli, V. Srinivas
42. Implementation of Personalized Web Search using TDM IJRECS/V-3/I-2/42
J. Adilakshmi, Sateesh Nagavarapu
43. A Versatile Steganographic Plans: Uniform Embedding for Efficient JPEG Steganography IJRECS/V-3/I-2/43
R. Nagarjuna Reddy, D. Sivaraja Kumar
44. Secrecy Maintaining and Protecting Content Based Queries in Mobile Networks IJRECS/V-3/I-2/44
M. Jyothi, M. Swetha