ISSN 2321-5485 (Online) ISSN 2321-5784 (Print)


1. Advanced Intrusion Detection System Using MANETS IJRECS/V-2/I-2/01
 Gaddam Shwetha, T. Shilpa
2. Fog Computing-Reducing Data Theft Activities IJRECS/V-2/I-2/02
S. Yasmeen Banu, N. Sobhitha, G. Sravani, P. Masum Kumari, N. Parashuram
3. Optimizing Web Avail Composition for Data-intensifier Applications IJRECS/V-2/I-2/03
Konkala Rama Chandra Reddy, B. Veerendra
4. Preventing Packet Droppers using High Spatial and Sensor Networks IJRECS/V-2/I-2/04
K. Susmitha, K. Hanumantha Rao
5. Capacity-Optimized Cooperative _Coco_ Topology Control in Mobile AD HOC Meshworks IJRECS/V-2/I-2/05
N. Yugendhar, Krishna Reddy, Ch. Srinivasulu
6. Website Structure Enhancement for Efficient Client Routing IJRECS/V-2/I-2/06
Y. Shravani, M. Ahalya Rani
7. Dynamic Authentication for E-Mail Spam Detection Using Simstring Applications IJRECS/V-2/I-2/07
A. Mahalakshmi, M. Shireesha, E. Mahender
8. Security for Collaboration in Multi Cloud Computing Environment Using Cloud Brokering Algorithm IJRECS/V-2/I-2/08
C. Sandhya Rani, M. Sindhu, B. Swathi, K. Tarakeswar
9. Search Using Web Avails and Information Extraction IJRECS/V-2/I-2/09
Batchu Satya Sriram, B. Venkateswara Reddy
10. An Advanced Search Optimization Technique with Unicast Message Authentication IJRECS/V-2/I-2/10
Deepak Pawar H. K, S. Thippamma
11. A Survey on Mining Order - Conserving Sub Matrices (SM) from Information with Restated Measurements IJRECS/V-2/I-2/11
Nadipalli Vedavyas, B. V. Reddy
12. A Knowledge Based Vendor Resource Allocation in Cloud Technology IJRECS/V-2/I-2/12
Meesala Vamsi Krishna, C. Esther Varma
13. Enhancementation of Adaptive Fast Reroute With Intrusion Detection System (IDS) IJRECS/V-2/I-2/13
Alupuru Gangadhar, P. A. Himakiran
14. Critique of Web Recommendation System for Time Series Datasets IJRECS/V-2/I-2/14
Sampathirao Raju, Marlapalli Krishna
15. Privacy Conserving Third Party Audit for Secure Multi Cloud Storage IJRECS/V-2/I-2/15
Yaseen Shaik
16. Two Sided Data Hiding in Ciphered Images by Reversible Data Hiding IJRECS/V-2/I-2/16
U. Sravani, D. Vasudha, K. Pravallika, B. Devendra Naik
17. Undesired Content Filtering from OSN Using Short Text Classifier IJRECS/V-2/I-2/17
Radha Anumolu
18. Secure Data Access Control Using Key Policies in Cloud Server IJRECS/V-2/I-2/18
E. Sushmitha, J. Pavan Kumar
19. RDH in Encrypted Images by using LSB Embedding Algorithm IJRECS/V-2/I-2/19
A. Vamsee Krishna Reddy, J. Pavan Kumar
20. Clustering Search Keywords by Using Nearest Neighbor Matching IJRECS/V-2/I-2/20
P. Suresh, K. Vijay Krupa Vatsal
21. Securing of Distributed Systems by using KP-ABE Scheme IJRECS/V-2/I-2/21
A. Vinay Kumar, K. Vijay Krupa Vatsal
22. A Better and Secure Cloud Storage for Public Auditing Using HLA IJRECS/V-2/I-2/22
Moparthi Sudhir, D. Tagore Nath
23. Incremental - Frequency Oriented AC Transmission for Offshore Wind Power IJRECS/V-2/I-2/23
Naralasetti Siva Kumar, G. Kiran Kumar
24. Cloud Security: Capacity Management (CCMS) For Virtualized Data Centers IJRECS/V-2/I-2/24
Bojja Saikrishna, Md. Mastan
25. Robust Storage for Web-Based Database Management System IJRECS/V-2/I-2/25
Sivakrishna. R
26. Multi View Search in Vector Space Model Information Retrieval System IJRECS/V-2/I-2/26
A. Mayuri, S. Archana
27. Detecting Node Replication Attacks Using Novel Protocols in WSN IJRECS/V-2/I-2/27
Pasupuleti Ram Pavan Kumar, P. Nagaraju
28. A Content Based Message Filtering System Using Machine Learning Techniques IJRECS/V-2/I-2/28
B. Ramu, S. Md. Ibrahim, S. G. Nawaz
29. A Study on Vampire Attacks Control and Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks IJRECS/V-2/I-2/29
Narsimhulu Kondagorla, N. Swamidas
30. Reversible Cellular Automata for Symmetric Cryptography IJRECS/V-2/I-2/30
Sk. Md. Gousil Ajam, M. Muzammil Parvez
31. Digital Library: The YUV Component Information Based on the Original Image IJRECS/V-2/I-2/31
Shaik Kalimuddin Azaz, M. Muzammil Parvez
32. To Avoide the Malcious Entities for Autonomous System by Using Embedded and Computing Sensor IJRECS/V-2/I-2/32
Hanuma Naik. B, D. Mastan Pasha, T. Lalith Kumar
33. Secure User Profile Storage in Social Networks IJRECS/V-2/I-2/33
Naresh Repakula, M. Ahalya Rani
34. Multi - Clouds to Ensure Security in Cloud Computing through RNS Algorithm IJRECS/V-2/I-2/34
Kalvakuntla Swetha, Murali Nath R. S
35. Secure and Verifiable Outsourced Decryption with Limited Devices IJRECS/V-2/I-2/35
Jyothi Chinturla, Murali Nath R. S
36. Disseminated Mining of Association Rules in Horizontally Disseminated Dataset IJRECS/V-2/I-2/36
Komatireddy Akhila, R. Suhasini
37. Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects Using Occlusion Abandoned Detection IJRECS/V-2/I-2/37
Rahmatunnisa, Md. Shamshad Begum
38. Discovery of Trusted and Authenticated Neighbor Positions in Mobile Adhoc Networks IJRECS/V-2/I-2/38
Bolleddu Devananda Rao
39. Conceptualization-Based Query Responding For Dynamic RDF Database IJRECS/V-2/I-2/39
Korimilli V R N Lakshmi, B.Lakshmana Rao
40. Water Quality Monitoring and Agriculture Maintenance System Using Solar Power IJRECS/V-2/I-2/40
Batta Manisha Karunya, V. A. Sankar Ponnapalli