ISSN 2321-5485 (Online) ISSN 2321-5784 (Print)


1. Optimizing Cloud Resources for Delivering IPTV Services through Virtualization with Sessions IJRECS/V-2/I-1/01
 Seepuram Srinivas Kumar, K. Lalitha, Edara Nageswara Rao
2. Ant Colony Optimization for Software Project Scheduling and  Staffing IJRECS/V-2/I-1/02
G. Vannur Swamy, Vijaykanth
3. Construction of Distributed Cloud Storage System Using Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme IJRECS/V-2/I-1/03
A. Madhu Mohan, B. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy
4. Data Sharing in Clouds with Unicast Message Authentication IJRECS/V-2/I-1/04
A.Lakshmi Thanuja, C. Poojitha, J.Bhargavi, N.Dhana Lakshmi, Sasikala. Ch
5. Blocking Implication Attacks on Social Private Information IJRECS/V-2/I-1/05
B.sravani, S. Archana
6. Biometric Technology Based on Hand Vein IJRECS/V-2/I-1/06
R. Veena, G. Vijay Kanth
7. An Ensured Patient Healthcare Monitoring in Cloud Infrastructure IJRECS/V-2/I-1/07
M. Varnani Raj, V. Mallesi
8. Mobile Social TV Using Cloud IJRECS/V-2/I-1/08
Gajula Manasa
9. Enhanced a Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) Technique for Remote Locations (Cloud) IJRECS/V-2/I-1/09
Kandi Ramya
10. Estimated Exploration String in spatial Database IJRECS/V-2/I-1/10
Ch. Soumya
11. Exploiting Blue Tooth on Android Mobile Devices for Surveillance Application IJRECS/V-2/I-1/11
Srinivas Nanda, K. Rajesh
12. Buffer Space Allocation With Attributes for Data Management System IJRECS/V-2/I-1/12
M. Suresh, K. Kavitha
13. A Secure Intrusion Detection System for MANETS using Hybrid Key Cryptography and AODV IJRECS/V-2/I-1/13
Munige Kalpana, J. Ramesh
14. Towards Optimal Cooperative Caching Under Heterogeneous Requests IJRECS/V-2/I-1/14
B. Sunil Kumar, J. Sri Vidya
15. Privacy Preserving Comparison Based Profile Matching in Mobile Social Networks IJRECS/V-2/I-1/15
N. Jyothi
16. An Efficient Incentive Simpatico Model for Secure Data Sharing IJRECS/V-2/I-1/16
B. Kalyani Devi, MD. Mastan
17. An Enhancement for Examplar-Based Super-Resolution Based in Painting IJRECS/V-2/I-1/17
Praneeth Kumar. G
18. Privacy Preserving of Multi User Environment in Social Network IJRECS/V-2/I-1/18
Voolapati Manohara, Y. Prakash Babu
19. An Advanced Attribute Subset Selection to Retrieve High Dimensional Data from Database IJRECS/V-2/I-1/19
Firoza Shaik, P. Jeevana Jyothi
20. Mitigating vendor lock in by Meta cloud IJRECS/V-2/I-1/20
Swetha Chandrika. K
21. A Customizable Content Based Message Filtering System Using Machine Learning Techniques IJRECS/V-2/I-1/21
L. N. Venkateswara Rao, Majeti Srinadh Swamy
22. Conceptualization-Based Query Responding For Dynamic RDF Database IJRECS/V-2/I-1/22
R. Ramesh Reddy, D. Kishore Babu
23. Advanced Techniques in Access Policies for Online Social Network IJRECS/V-2/I-1/23
Bitra Sireesha, Y. Prakash Babu
24. Excavation Contracts for Occupation Cases and Secular Restraints in Service Employments IJRECS/V-2/I-1/24
Shaik Firdous, P. Jeevana Jyothi
25. A Filtered Wall for Undesired Content Filtering From User Walls of OSN IJRECS/V-2/I-1/25
V. Sruthi
26. Discovery of Trusted Neighbor Positions in Mobile Ad Hoc IJRECS/V-2/I-1/26
Mowna Shaik, K. Sravan Kumar
27. A Novel on M-IGLS Procedure to Explore Unknown Data from Electronic Media Via Multicarrier Spread-Spectrum IJRECS/V-2/I-1/27
B. Sevanaik, Duba Sriveni
28. Congestion Control Using Tokens for Cooperative Network Environment IJRECS/V-2/I-1/28
Dasari Swathi, K. Koteswara Rao
29. Optimizing Practical Module-Based Data Management systems Using Robust and Minimal Modules IJRECS/V-2/I-1/29
Dr. B. Sasidhar, Kannam Ravali
30. Energy Saving in Mobile Cloud Using Offloading Computation IJRECS/V-2/I-1/30
G. Anusha
31. Towards Optimal Cooperative Caching Under Heterogeneous Requests IJRECS/V-2/I-1/31
Rama Naidu Andela, Ch. Mastan Chowdary
32. Tectonic Reporting System Improvement and Actual -Time Event Disclosure via Tweet Analysis IJRECS/V-2/I-1/32
A. Shiva Kumar, H. Meenal
33. Blocking Implication Attacks on Private Social Network Information IJRECS/V-2/I-1/33
Tejaswi Chatrasi, G. Nagaraju
34. Local Directional Number Pattern of Natural Stochastic Textures Based on Fractional Brownian Motion IJRECS/V-2/I-1/34
G. Usha Rani, Sangers Bhavana
35. Privacy Management of Multi User Environment in Social Network IJRECS/V-2/I-1/35
V. Vijayalaxmi
36. A Proxy Based Approach in Mobile Environments for Online Social Network IJRECS/V-2/I-1/36
Ravi Ravindranath Tagore, S. V. Kishore Babu
37. An Extensible Approach for Active Content Delivery Using Enhanced Distributed Load Balancing Mechanism IJRECS/V-2/I-1/37
G. Usha Rani, Thummanapalli Divya
38. Advanced Techniques to Consume Energy in Wireless Communication Networks IJRECS/V-2/I-1/38
Venkat Pradeep Chaitanya Gummadi, S. Uma Maheswara Rao
39. To Interpret User Search Goals by Using CAP and Clustering Pseudo Documents IJRECS/V-2/I-1/39
J. Sambasiva Rao, Farhana Begum
40. Parallel Organizations Search Relative Queries IJRECS/V-2/I-1/40
V. Latha
41. Privacy Preserving Association Rule Mining in Horizontal Aggregation Dataset IJRECS/V-2/I-1/41
Chalamala Venkateswarlu, U. Chandra Shekar Reddy
42. Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud IJRECS/V-2/I-1/42
B. Vasu Chander, P. V. Rama Murthy
43. Mobile Video Streaming and Sharing Data through Group Storage IJRECS/V-2/I-1/43
M. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, K. Sandhya Reddy
44. Mining Term Affiliation Patterns from Search Logs for Effective Query Conceptualization IJRECS/V-2/I-1/44
P. Tulasiram, J. Pavan Kumar
45. Consideration of Assured Routing in Sensor Systems IJRECS/V-2/I-1/45
G. Muralikrishna, D. Krishna Kishore