ISSN 2321-5485 (Online) ISSN 2321-5784 (Print)


1. A Novel Security Model for Detecting Various Attacks in WSNS IJRECS/V-1/I-4/01
 K. Bhagya Lalitha, MD. Sirajuddin
2. Enhanced Multiple Services in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks IJRECS/V-1/I-4/02
Nalabolu Mahendhar Reddy, Thirupathi Reddy Thumma
3. Diffusion Dynamics for Improving Routing With Aspiration Based Learning IJRECS/V-1/I-4/03
Shahanaz Begum, M. Swami Das
4. Content Based Removing Text in OSN through Policy Based Personalization IJRECS/V-1/I-4/04
Karthik Kodakandla, P.Varaprasad Rao
5. Using Multiplicative Random Projection Matrices for Privacy Preserving Distributed Data Mining IJRECS/V-1/I-4/05
T. Harika, J. Sireesha
6. Discovery of Trusted and Authenticated Neighbor Positions in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. IJRECS/V-1/I-4/06
P.Sowmya, Dr. S. Anitha Reddy
7. An Advanced Secure Autentication Through Randomly Generated Images IJRECS/V-1/I-4/07
K. Vishwanath Kumar, B. Seva Naik
8. Advanced Techniques in Access Control Policies for Online Social Network IJRECS/V-1/I-4/08
MD. Musheeroddin, K. Prasanna Lakshmi
9. User Simulating for Entropy Access Based on Implicit Guidance of Users IJRECS/V-1/I-4/09
K. V. Srinivas Rao, M. Rajitha
10. Intrusion Detection in Virtual Networks. IJRECS/V-1/I-4/10
S. Nanda Mohan Reddy, S. Muzamil Basha
11. To Detecting an Attacker in wireless Sensor Networks IJRECS/V-1/I-4/11
D. Deepika, M.S. Satyanarayana
12. Blocking Implication Attacks on Social Network Private Information IJRECS/V-1/I-4/12
N. Ranga Swamy Reddy, M. Sujana Reddy, M. Swami Das
13. A Query Segment Encryption using Distributed Information Sharing IJRECS/V-1/I-4/13
Y. Maanasa Jyothsna, N. Sujata Kumari, Dr. S. Anitha Reddy
14. Formulating and Feature Extractions of a Document Using Advanced Annotation Technique IJRECS/V-1/I-4/14
Shaik Abdulla Basha, A. Srinivasa Rao
15. Dynamic Resource Assignation Techniques for Cloud Computing Environment IJRECS/V-1/I-4/15
Kuthadi Mahesh, K. Sravani
16. Complexities of Nearest Neighbor Search on Spatial Data IJRECS/V-1/I-4/16
Kolla Bhaskar Rao, Munnangi Suresh
17. Privacy Preserving Over Shared Network in Cloud Computing IJRECS/V-1/I-4/17
Y. Venkatesh, Murali Nath R. S
18. Implementation of Contact Centers Using Voice over IP IJRECS/V-1/I-4/18
Ayesha Tazeen, Krishnaveni Reddy, Dr. S. Anitha Reddy
19. Novel Traffic Management Schema to Assure the Quality of Service (QOS) For High-Speed IP Networks IJRECS/V-1/I-4/19
D.Kullayappa, A.L. Sreenivasulu
20. Redundancy Management in HWSN through Multi-Path Routing to Maximize the Network Lifetime IJRECS/V-1/I-4/20
A. Mallreddy, M. Swetha, R. Yadagiri Rao
21. An Opinion Mining Technique Based on Location Proofs for Social Media IJRECS/V-1/I-4/21
K. Haritha, K. C. Ravi Kumar, Dr. S. Anitha Reddy
22. Pack: Prophecy-Based Cloud Bandwidth and Outlay Diminution Structure IJRECS/V-1/I-4/22
G. Rajanikanth, K. Bhargavi
23. Facilitating User Request through Proper Navigation Using Web Mining IJRECS/V-1/I-4/23
Palam Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, M. Deepika
24. Smart Screen Layout for Knowledge Evaluation IJRECS/V-1/I-4/24
Muzamil Basha, R. Murali
25. Detection of Distributed Reflection Dos Attacks Using Rank Correlation Method IJRECS/V-1/I-4/25
Palthe Lokeswari, Dr.S.Vasundra
26. A Novel Asynchronous Messaging Protocol for Meta Cloud IJRECS/V-1/I-4/26
Bodhe Yogesh Uttamrao, Narra Sukhender Reddy
27. Security for Collaboration in Multicloud Computing Environment IJRECS/V-1/I-4/27
S.R.Rajkumar, P.Divyamadhuri
28. Network Model for Implementing Cooperative Caching in Wireless Networks IJRECS/V-1/I-4/28
Mohammed Aftab Ahmed, B. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, K. Lakshmi Devi
29. Heightening Security and Privacy in Online Social Networks IJRECS/V-1/I-4/29
M. Sumathi Rani, R. Sri Latha
30. An Improved and Ensure Cloud Entrepot for Public Inspecting Using CSP IJRECS/V-1/I-4/30
MD.Mahaboob Basha, I.Madhavilatha
31. An Approach towards Removal of Undesirable Messages from Social Networks IJRECS/V-1/I-4/31
G. Lalitha, Dr.P.V.Ramana Murthy
32. Two Sided Data hiding in Ciphered Images IJRECS/V-1/I-4/32
Baswa Shekar Devalla, S.Swapna
33. Comparative Analysis of Satellite Image Pre-Processing Techniques IJRECS/V-1/I-4/33
Sheikh Jahed Abdul Ajij, Asiya Sulthana, S. Suresh
34. Intelligent Driver Safety System with Drowsiness Detection and Accident Notification IJRECS/V-1/I-4/34
V. Pushpalatha, E. Mahender Reddy