ISSN 2321-5485 (Online) ISSN 2321-5784 (Print)


1. An Advanced Approaches for 3d Face Recognition IJRECS/V-1/I-3/01
 B. Narendra Babu, Y. Vijaya Lata
2. A secure Data Transferring in Mobile Users Using Triple DES, Triple RSA, MD5 and Hybrid Encryption Algorithm. IJRECS/V-1/I-3/02
D. Manasa, P.L. Srinivas Murthy
3. A Secret Sharing Algorithm based Multi-Cloud Security IJRECS/V-1/I-3/03
A.Mallareddy, V.Bhargavi, K.Deepika Rani
4. Interactive Search Optimization Using SQL in Databases. IJRECS/V-1/I-3/04
K. Bharathi, B. Deepthi, Dr. S. Anitha Reddy
5. A Framework For Load Rebalancing Algorithm In Cloud. IJRECS/V-1/I-3/05
P.Hadly Moses, K. Sudhakar
6. Matching of Profile in Multi Party Network by Preventing Malicious Attacks IJRECS/V-1/I-3/06
A. Mallareddy, J.Dharani, R.Yadgiri Rao
7. Flexible Location Modernized for Geographic Routing in MANET IJRECS/V-1/I-3/07
Laherika Krupani, N.Sujata Kumari
8. Enhance the Information Retrieval Result Using Click Through & Ranking Techniques IJRECS/V-1/I-3/08
Mohammed Abdul Javeed, Krishna Kishore Datti
9. Searching Images in Photo Sharing Websites Based on User Preferences and Prediction IJRECS/V-1/I-3/09
N. Thabitha Rani, D. Basavaraju
10. In Corporating Incremental High Utility Pattern Transaction Frequency Tree Considerations in Data Mining Tasks IJRECS/V-1/I-3/10
Gotluru Maruthi, G.B. Hima Bindu
11. Protecting Public Auditing in Cloud Storage Using HLA IJRECS/V-1/I-3/11
B. K. N. Sireesha, K. Hanumantha Rao
12. Histogram for Data Splitting Across Multiple Paths IJRECS/V-1/I-3/12
M. Sowjanya, V. Kesav Kumar
13. UDD Algorithm is Used to Identify the Duplicate Data and Eliminate Duplicates IJRECS/V-1/I-3/13
D. Bharath Kumar, M. Kamala
14. Data Driven Image Matching and Document Dictionary Learning IJRECS/V-1/I-3/14
P. Anil Kishan, G. Bala Krishna
15. Buffer Space Allocation With Performance Attributes for Data Management System IJRECS/V-1/I-3/15
Santi Vishnu Prasad, M. Swapna, Edara Nageswara Rao
16. Tweet Analysis for Actual -Time Event Detection and Seismic Reporting System Development IJRECS/V-1/I-3/16
P.L. Shailaja, Netra Shree
17. An Advanced Ontology Technique to Retrieve High Dimensional Data From Database IJRECS/V-1/I-3/17
Ch. Srividya, Dr. S. Anitha Reddy
18. An Advanced Acknowledgement technique to avoid attacks in MANETS IJRECS/V-1/I-3/18
P.Anupama, N. Ashok
19. Load Balancing Theory in Peer-Peer for Content Distribution Network IJRECS/V-1/I-3/19
A.Rupesh, Dr. Padmalaya Nayak
20. Fine-Grained Access Management for Complex Event Processing Systems IJRECS/V-1/I-3/20
Ravula Jyothsna, J. Sireesha
22. The Secure Data Access Control for Using Key Policies in Cloud Server IJRECS/V-1/I-3/22
K. V. Srinivas Rao, S. Sowjanya
23. An Analysis on Mining of User Search Goals With Feedback Sessions Signified by Pseudo Documents IJRECS/V-1/I-3/23
G. Divya, S. Ajay Kumar
24. Rabiner Algorithm Used to Dark Web Forums IJRECS/V-1/I-3/24
Venna V SivaRamiReddy, V. Sujan Babu
25. Data Owner Impose the Cryptography Mechanism to Enabling Data and Mutual Trust IJRECS/V-1/I-3/25
Rayadurgam Raveendra, Chandhra Shekar
26. In-House Vs Cloud Factors to Be Considered Before Cloud Migration IJRECS/V-1/I-3/26
T. Rajitha, M.Dhana Raju
27. Content Redistribution for Investigating Price and Video Streaming in Mobile Networks IJRECS/V-1/I-3/27
A. Mallareddy, K. S. Ranadheer Kumar, R. Yadagiri Rao
28. A Secure Mona Protocol for Data Sharing In Untrusted Cloud IJRECS/V-1/I-3/28
G. Nava Kishore, K. Chandrashekar
29. Sentiment Analysis Of Shares And Forecasting The Trends Using Lexical Approach IJRECS/V-1/I-3/29
Ch. Keerti, K. C. Ravi Kumar, Dr. S. Anitha Reddy
30. Optimization of Access Control and Event Dependency in Distributed System IJRECS/V-1/I-3/30
M. Soumya, S.Swapna