ISSN 2321-5485 (Online) ISSN 2321-5784 (Print)


1. A Dynamic Scheme of Social Network for Prediction and Ranking User Vitality IJRECS/V-11/I-7/01
Boddu Keerthi Priya, M. K. S. Prasad
2. A Secure Filter Based Selection Algorithm for Detecting Intrusion IJRECS/V-11/I-7/02
Maddireddy Jahanavi, M. K. S. Prasad
3. An Active Proficient Method for Cache Supported Path Planning on Roads IJRECS/V-11/I-7/03
Gandi Dimpul Satya Sai Vinaya Prabha, M. K. S. Prasad
4. An Effective Approach for Analyzing User Centric Similarity Search IJRECS/V-11/I-7/04
Viswanadha Pavani, M. K. S. Prasad
5. Distributed Scheme in Large Storage Systems for Real Time Semantic Search IJRECS/V-11/I-7/05
Masimukkala Sunitha, M. K. S. Prasad
6. Effective Method in Public Cloud for Data Uploading and Checking Remote Data Integrity IJRECS/V-11/I-7/06
Shaik Taiba Tabasum, M. K. S. Prasad
7. Effective Recommendation of Micro Blogging Method for Connecting Social Media to E-Commerce IJRECS/V-11/I-7/07
Golugonda Suma Bala, M. K. S. Prasad
8. Measure of Tweets, retweets for Qualifying and Quantifying Political Learning IJRECS/V-11/I-7/08
Narla Sri Durga, M. K. S. Prasad
9. Privacy Preserving Scheme for Classification of Sentiment Using Sensitive Embeddings IJRECS/V-11/I-7/09
Adapa Sri Devi Bhagya Lakshmi, M.K.S. Prasad
10. Secure and Scalable Scheme for Reducing Energy Consumption and Download Time IJRECS/V-11/I-7/10
Rudraraju Jyoshna, M. K. S. Prasad
11. A Comprehensive Scheme of Multi Dimensional Datasets for Nearest Keyword Set Search IJRECS/V-11/I-7/11
Chode Swapna, E. D. Shanthi
12. A Hybrid Scheme for Processing Queries over Uncertain Data IJRECS/V-11/I-7/12
Vutukuri Venkata Bharathi Lavanya, E. D. Shanthi
13. A Review on Cloud Computing for Efficient File Hierarchy Using Attribute Based Encryption IJRECS/V-11/I-7/13
Metikoti Lalitha, E. D. Shanthi
14. A Scalable Access Control Method in Mobile Cloud Computing by Attribute Based Encryption IJRECS/V-11/I-7/14
Sesetty Sri Maha Lakshmi Prasanna, E. D. Shanthi
15. A Scalable Feature Selection Method for High Dimensional Data Classification IJRECS/V-11/I-7/15
Kotikalapudi Anantha Lakshmi, E. D. Shanthi
16. A Stable Computing Scheme for Auditing Cloud Storage with Verifiable Key Updates IJRECS/V-11/I-7/16
Ganugula Shanmukhi, E. D. Shanthi
17. An Effective Approach for Assessment of Software Quality My Metamorphic Testing IJRECS/V-11/I-7/17
Palangi Sushma Swaraj, E. D. Shanthi
18. An Effective Mechanism of Document Proximity for Keyword Query Suggestion in Social Applications IJRECS/V-11/I-7/18
Alluri Sushma Chowdary, E. D. Shanthi
19. An Efficient Scheme of User Item Analysis for Domain-Sensitive Recommendation IJRECS/V-11/I-7/19
Dosapati Venkata Durga Sravani, E. D. Shanthi
20. A Hybrid Recommendation Method for User Trust and Ratings IJRECS/V-11/I-7/20
Gangula Devi Sai Sirisha, B. Bala Parameswari
21. A Hybrid Scheme on Cloud for Exchange of Health Information Using Clinical Document Architecture IJRECS/V-11/I-7/21
Madeti Satya Sai Bharani, B. Bala Parameswari
22. A Scalable Approach in Document Streams for User Aware Rare Sequential Topic Patterns IJRECS/V-11/I-7/22
Salumuri J V S Lakshmi, B. Bala Parameswari
23. A Scalable Method for Searching Keyword on Cloud by using Dual Server Public Key Encryption IJRECS/V-11/I-7/23
Kaila Sravani, B. Bala Parameswari
24. A Survey on Cloud Data for Dynamic and Public Auditing with Fair Arbitration IJRECS/V-11/I-7/24
Nagalla Sai Mounika, B. Bala Parameswari
25. Scalable and Efficient Search on Encrypted Spatial Data IJRECS/V-11/I-7/25
Arigala Devika, B. Bala Parameswari
26. Scalable and Secure Method for Predicting User Rating from Textual Reviews IJRECS/V-11/I-7/26
Pathala Santhi Priya, B. Bala Parameswari
27. A Scalable and Secure Efficient Data Sharing Scheme over Cloud IJRECS/V-11/I-7/27
Priyanka Pandarinath, Shiva Skanda
28. An Effective Scheme of Social Media for Ranking and Identifying Prevalent News Topics IJRECS/V-11/I-7/28
Shaik Basheer Ahmed, Bommepalli Narayana Reddy