ISSN 2321-5485 (Online) ISSN 2321-5784 (Print)


1. Providing Enhanced Method for Web Serving by Exploiting Email Tunnels IJRECS/V-11/I-2/01
S. Basheer Munni, K. Uma Devi
2. An Efficient Secure Mechanism for Mobile Ad hoc Networks in Pre-Existing Routing IJRECS/V-11/I-2/02
G. Vijaya Laxmi, K. Uma Devi
3. A Review on News Topics for Ranking and Identifying Using Social Media Factors IJRECS/V-11/I-2/03
S. Aishwrya, K. Uma Devi
4. Detecting and Prediction of Fraud Ranking Search and Malware in Google Play IJRECS/V-11/I-2/04
D. Durga, K. Uma Devi
5. Identity Based Mechanism for Finding Minimal on Road Route Scheduling IJRECS/V-11/I-2/05
G. V. Satya Laxmi, A. V. Nagamani
6. Improving Phrase Search Mechanisms for Searching the Encrypted Data over the Cloud IJRECS/V-11/I-2/06
P. Sowgandhi, M. V. V. S. Sarma
7. An Effective Method in Cloud Environment for Network Based Question and Answer System IJRECS/V-11/I-2/07
G. Sree Laxmi, K. Uma Devi
8. A New Service Mechanism for the Applications of Cloud Revocation Authority by Identity Based Encryption IJRECS/V-11/I-2/08
K. Lavanya, M. V. V. S. Sarma
9. Secure Mechanism for Preserving Data Privacy in Cloud by Remote Data Integrity Checking IJRECS/V-11/I-2/09
S. V. L. Sravani, M. V. V. S. Sarma
10. Access Control in Online Social Networks for Sharing of Photos in Real Time IJRECS/V-11/I-2/10
K. Yamini, K. Uma Devi
11. Privacy Preserving Data Access Control for Multi Authority Secure Cloud Storage IJRECS/V-11/I-2/11
R. Poornima, M. V. V. S. Sarma
12. A Semantic Scheme for Preventing Stealthy Denial of Service in Cloud Services IJRECS/V-11/I-2/12
G. N. S. Sruthi, M. V. V. S. Sarma
13. A Survey on Named Searching Trajectories by Interested Regions for Trip Planning IJRECS/V-11/I-2/13
D. Santhi, K. Uma Devi
14. Classification of Real Worldwide Tweets in Social Media by Country-Level Location IJRECS/V-11/I-2/14
K. S. Deepika, A. V. Nagamani
15. Reducing the Consumption of Energy in Web Search Engines for Query Processing IJRECS/V-11/I-2/15
N. Vishnavi, A. V. Nagamani
16. An Optimized Method for Throughput Optimal Multipath Routing in Overlay Architecture IJRECS/V-11/I-2/16
Y. Swathi, A. V. NagaMani
17. A Secure Framework in Real Time for Detecting Mobile Malicious WebPages IJRECS/V-11/I-2/17
P. Sowmya, K. Uma Devi
18. Efficient Method for Computing in Mobile Sensing Systems by Min and K-th Min IJRECS/V-11/I-2/18
G. V. V. N. Sirisha, K. Uma Devi
19. Protection of Privacy and Intrusion Avoidance for Sharing the Medical Data by Cloudlet IJRECS/V-11/I-2/19
K. Praveena, M. V. V. S. Sarma
20. A Novel Approach on the Satisfaction of Customer with Ensuring Quality of Service in Cloud Computing IJRECS/V-11/I-2/20
P. Kavya Prasad, M. V. V. S. Sarma
21. Ensuring Secure and Efficient Mechanism for IOT Using Cloud Technology IJRECS/V-11/I-2/21
S. Vijaya Laxmi, M. V. V. S. Sarma
22. Discovering Flexible Access Control Mechanism for Attribute Based Encryption in Mobile Cloud Computing IJRECS/V-11/I-2/22
K. Gowthami, M. V. V. S. Sarma
23. An Efficient Approach on Secure Sharing of Data in Mobile Cloud Computing IJRECS/V-11/I-2/23
P. Kavya, M. V. V. S. Sarma
24. Effective Method for Searching the Encrypted Data in the Cloud by Keyword Search IJRECS/V-11/I-2/24
K. Naga Laxmi, M. V. V. S. Sarma
25. An Extensive Review on Online Social Voting by Collaborative Filtering Based IJRECS/V-11/I-2/25
V. Venkata Laxmi, A. V. Nagamani
26. Enhancement of Cloud Security for Secure Sharing of Data in the Cloud Using Identity Based Encryption IJRECS/V-11/I-2/26
K. Archina, A. V. Nagamani
27. User Level Stress Detection in Social Networks Based on Social Interactions IJRECS/V-11/I-2/27
Ch. Yamini, A. V. Nagamani
28. A Novel Semantic Search Method on Encrypted Data over Mobile Cloud IJRECS/V-11/I-2/28
Ch. Sarada, A. V. Nagamani
29. Privacy Preserving and Protection of Cloud Data under Key Exposure IJRECS/V-11/I-2/29
M. S. Mounika, A. V. Nagamani
30. Detecting and Localizing Failures in Communication Network via End-to-End Path Measurements IJRECS/V-11/I-2/30
AB. Prasanna, K. Uma Devi
31. An Automated Method for Assessing Information on Twitter Based on Credibility Analysis IJRECS/V-11/I-2/31
S. Ganga Bhavani, K. Uma Devi
32. An Optimized Approach in Peer to Peer Networks for Content-Based Image Retrieval IJRECS/V-11/I-2/32
J. Srinija, Y. Rajesh