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International Journal for Research on Electronics and Computer Science (IJRECS) is a registered independent organization, constitute of CSIR delivering supports and services to education professionals and researchers around world, especially those from the developing countries.
IJRECS is the association of Scientists, Research scholars, Professors, Directors, Managers, Engineers, Pharmacy persons of various fields like Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Applied Science, and Mathematics.
IJRECS helps the researchers free of cost by providing right direction in their research with the help of its worldwide research association members.
The organization aims at undertaking, aiding, co-coordinating, and promoting Research and development. It provides academic and professional guidance in the field of Basic Education, Higher Education as well as in the Technical Education Research.
Apart from this, IJRECS collaborates with other national & International reputed researcher labs, institutions, organizations and associations for more efficient functioning and fulfillment of its aims.

       The Main AIM of the IJRECS is to provide the opportunity for the engineering and technology through challenging traditional and conventional methods for publishing the new ideas in different domains and in different platforms in International changing climates. IJRECS will provide to discuss on various technologies and the research undertaken and needed to provide the effects on engineering and technology. IJRECS also providing the chance to develop the different technologies and different algorithms in different platforms.

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